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"I had given up playing the piano years ago, but wanted to get it tuned for my children, as they are about to start taking lessons.  I loved it that you came as a couple to do the work.  As a young mother home alone it just made me feel more comfortable.  I also appreciated how warm and friendly you were.  After you left, I sat down to try playing it again and just couldn't stop!  We have had many tunings done on this piano, but this is by far the best.  I didn't think it could sound this beautiful."
- Patricia J.

"The key tops you installed look beautiful.  Thanks for making my piano like new again."

- David M.


"Thanks for making our piano sound terrific.  My daughter is absolutely thrilled with the quality of the tone.  Thank you as well for your punctuality, professionalism, and honesty."
- Linda S.

"We're so pleased with the job you did tuning our church piano.  I'm very fussy about how it sounds, but couldn't find anything to complain about.  It just sounds great!  I love it that you work as a couple and look forward to having you tune our piano at home". 
- Heather M.

"We've been exasperated for years trying to find someone to bring our piano up to pitch.  No one ever explained how it's done until you came.  Now we can get back to having our friends over with their instruments to spend time playing together."
- Bill & Sue B.

"Thank you so much for repairing and tuning our beloved piano.  Our son had lost interest in playing, but with your encouragement and making it sound so great, he is once again interested in starting lessons ."
- Mike A.

"We want to thank you for  the wonderful work on our piano.  We appreciate your honesty and friendliness.  We are looking forward to seeing you again in six months!"
- Grace P.



"Thanks for a great job!  My piano sounds wonderful.  You're a delightful couple and we always enjoy your time with us."

- Barbara H.



"We just want to say how much we appreciate you folks.  Your thoroughness, honesty, and willingness to answer all our questions was refreshing.  You truly love what you do."

- Bill & Amanda J.